Total Care Regular Garden Care

How peaceful does your garden look, green lawns bordered by  flowering plants and shrubs and shady trees.

With droughts and floods and council water restrictions we have been conditioned to forget how great a garden can look.
I look around and see gardens without colour choked with weed and grass with little or no mulch and it’s not a pretty sight.

Yes, you can have a garden that is a pleasure to see and have it cared for all year round.

We don’t promise you a million dollar garden or a miracle to revive a dead garden but we do promise to continually improve the condition of an existing garden.

If your garden is over-run then you may need a garden makeover….read more

Regular Garden Care

We monitor the seasons and local conditions to tailor servicing
from fortnightly in summer to monthly in winter (dependent on customer needs).

  • All garden area light weeding and weed treatment.
  • Trees and shrubs trimmed.
  • Flowering plants de-headed.
  • Leaves vacuumed.
  • Paths blown for a professional finish.
  • Weed treatment twice annually, if needed *.
  • Organic fertilising once annually, if needed *.
  • Optional extras….read more

All garden care is quoted individually