Garden Makeover

Total Care Garden Makeover

If your garden is over-run then you may need a garden makeover to restore your outdoor areas.

We listen to your needs and give you a detailed quotation of our total care garden makeover service.

Everyone has a budget and a standard they want to achieve.  We take care to work within your budget and ensure your quote has no hidden extras.

We know from experience that our customers do not have to spend excessive amounts of money to revive their garden.  We can also offer a staged service where costs can be incremental and a progressive improvement can be achieved

Garden Makeover

Four basic stages

  1. Trim/prune trees and remove debris from lawns and gardens.
  2. Remove/kill unwanted ground cover.
  3. Improve water retention and minimise the loss of top soil.
  4. Restore the garden design/appeal by removal or addition of plants.
  5. Enjoy the look of your restored garden and implement regular lawn and garden care.

A garden clean up may cover –

  •  Lawn mowing and weed treatment
  • Trees and shrubs pruned/trimmed.
  • Relocation/replacement of shrubs
  • Garden mulching
  • Planting perennials and annuals
  • Organic fertilising
  • and more….